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Self Help Gimmicks. Vs. The Bible

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

'Gimmick' meaning: a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.....  That is how I felt about all those books ( such as the Secret- by the way, that book was probably an adaptation of ' The science of getting rich' by Wallace D wattles -and the like, for the most part..).. even though, I have enjoyed a great-bit of those read in that genre... Sooo, a very interesting thing happen: - I was not looking for a correlation, or attempting to debunk any, of those self-help books or programs. I have gotten some insight by reading such material for myself.... One day ( over a course of months)... I had began a relationship journey with God, and in so doing I started the 'lost art' of reading the Bible in it's totality for self, no ulterior motivate... Here is what took place the more I read, the Bible came alive- entertaining and fun ( yes, folks the Bible can be fun..); notably regardless of the book- Old testament or New, the realization of a thought/ or a knowing was raring its head...(what was it you ask 樂-) a familiar sense of ' I have seen this written somewhere', said a little differently, yet nevertheless, 'familiar'...

Ultimately the majority of self-help books, etc., Comes down to manifesting our best life ever, each author has a slightly varying way of delivery, and they should since, the audience is so diverse. Now, remember the title of this blog is "self-help Gimmick Vs. The Bible"; I use the term gimmick because while people are afraid to acknowledge the Bible; No, semi-correction here: do not want to be aligned with the Bible, ( they might be thought of as bible-thumpers by their peers, who knows.). What it comes down to, they will read the interpretations, of the Scriptures/Bible by an authority (such as John C. Maxwell, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar and or, Jim name a few)..Their principles, are laden with biblical verses reworked, or Bible story retold to suit the audience. So, what am I saying in this little-big blog of mine, nothing really I saw it as a very curious observation. Yet I cannot help but, to smirk at the unintended, intended circulation of such material, and the countless world populous that has sat on bending knees being taught by these renown authors/teachers decades over; And the continuous spawning of new recruits to the manifestation of biblical teaching, by way of these self-help 'Gimmicks'. I applaud the Bible for sneaking in, or probably better put tapping in both the non-secular and secular space.

Should you question my opinion, in 'my' blog read - habakkuk 2:2-3...

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