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It has always been amazing to me, how lack of bluntness people can be, while requiring bluntness ( yeah- the thought would cause me to scratch my head as continue).... The person looks at your face and say ( I am making up a name here..) John, what is the matter, he hesitates knowing his facial expression is saying one thing, but his mouth is trembling to keep his thought to himself... But- noooo, she is pushing to know what it is... ( eeek) .... Then he says it, she squeals, slaps him, all while saying how could you say such a thing...( ok ok the suspense is killing- you I know.... what did he say?..well in the bluntness, not so bluntness- He told her she had a Booger in her nose... So, moral of the story- John was too Blunt and now he has lost the opportunity to go on another date with her.. ( life of bluntness)..

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