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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Have you ever research this word-integrity??.. it’s a blog so I cannot go on about its definition- so, do me a favor look it up and study the various meaning….Good, now that you have been obedient to that assignment ;) … the question is begged- Are u living in INTEGRITY with yourself? Seriously, we concern ourselves with knowing if other people have INTEGRITY, and RARELY, if ever examine our own character traits of its meaning...Do u realize, if the trait is diminished or missing in you; it is virtually impossible to appreciate INTEGRITY in others- and look, I am not speaking/typing/blogging about the surface wading in the 1/2’ area of the beach side of the words meaning; But rather it’s core depth: Self honesty, Sincerity, etc.,.. (short story- my dad for years, and still do, say to me, “ love you dear & Be good to Yourself”— I use think he meant make sure u r eating right [ ok,don’t ask, lol] )... in all his farmer wisdom- what he was saying live in INTEGRITY- I have found & continue to discover the more I understand this little word for SELF/MEeee, the stronger/better ‘being’ I am ‘living’.. which is excitingly freeing- in all relationship ( platonic, family, business, etc.,etc.,) … before you roll your eye, and say blah,blah,blah.. I challenge you to truly attempt to wear the Hat of INTEGRITY for yourself ( be honest now); wear it for a week or so ( the beauty it wears well with whatever outfit u put on, and whatever, is your mood— just, dive deep remember not for others, but dive deep within yourself..) see what you have learnt about ‘self’- u will be surprise… if you care to share share ( remember your identity can be set as anonymous)... have a bless day!!

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